Different Types of Auto Transport Freight


There’s more than one way to transport a car across the country. If your journey traverses several states, you’ll need to consider the pros and cons of driving the car yourself or shipping it via air or rail freight. Transporting the car yourself is certainly the cheapest option, but cramming your family into an overloaded car isn’t always the safest choice. In many cases, a big move involves multiple vehicles and a moving van, making it impossible to drive every car you own to your destination. That’s where different types of freight enter the picture.

Fortunately, Kwik Trans Inc. provides all the auto transport options you need in one place.

Air freight

Did you know that you can transport a car across the country by air cargo, and that your car transport company can arrange this for you, if you are pressed for time? This is the most expensive option for moving your car across the State. You car will be picked up by the car carrier truck and taken to the nearest domestic airport, from where your car will be flow as cargo to the nearest airport at your final destination. The car transport company will either pick it up from there, take it their depot, or if you have arranged for this service, they will deliver the car back to you.

Rail freight

It is possible to transport a car across the country by train because it will be travelling loaded onto an auto-rack as rail cargo. The service is speedy, although not as fast as by plane. However, just like the airfreight option, this method is more expensive than moving your car by haulage.

Going it alone

If you decide that the above options to transport a car across the country are too costly, and you are thinking of taking the car yourself, make sure you are well prepared for all eventualities. Take plenty of spare fuel in a can and don’t forget the spare tire and repair kits, a blanket, and plenty of water or soft drinks, and snacks. Don’t rely on roadside cafes or diners or shops. You might be traveling along a stretch of road where you find neither and then you are without the most basic of supplies.

Families are rarely good travelling companions, when crammed into an overloaded car. If possible, send stuff ahead or ask if someone is prepared to share the journey – perhaps they can stay with you for a few days and do a bit of sightseeing, prior to returning to your old neighborhood? That way they can take some of your belongings in their car and you won’t have a nervous breakdown because your children start unpacking the holdall in the back, while your hands are on the steering wheel in the front and you cannot stop them from rooting through your most intimate belongings.

When you transport a car across the country yourself, be sure to leave plenty of time to arrive at your new destination. Take maps as well as satellite navigation with you. Buy a tourist guide and find out in advance about any festivals being held or special events which might clog up the roads when you get near to your final destination. Book ahead and get accommodation sorted out, so you don’t spend valuable time hunting for a bed for the night when you should be resting.

Finally, you should weigh up carefully if it wouldn’t be cheaper and less hassle if you simply sold your current car and bought another one at your new location. If it doesn’t represent you with a loss, why not take your car to a dealer and find out how much it is worth? The funds might help.

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